Zombieapocalypsedating com a nonliquidating distribution

Sure, who can’t relate to thinking you’ve finally found your soul mate, only to watch him or her degenerate into a ragged, mindless shell of a former human self whose only motivation is the next meal?But imagine all the other challenges of post-zombie-apocalypse dating!Like, after a night of moonlit Supermax cuddling, do you walk your date back to her cellblock and risk seeming over-eager?Or do you play it cool and trust that she won’t fall victim to undead-influenza … or the zombified cellmate who vectored it straight into the water supply?

It looks like someone else besides Beth is willing to make the necessary amendments to her personal moral code during the end times.

Because the apocalypse happened three seasons ago, so I think everyone has gotten enough time to come to terms with the altered rules of existence.

I’d like to see everyone actually existing, reinforcing those fences and thinning the zombie herds, rather than talking about what it all means.

Frankly, three questions doesn’t even begin to cover it: Did Patrick infect the entire water supply? What kind of zombie Ebola is this that causes its victims to explode, in the artful phraseology of Dr. And most importantly, how did Glenn’s Polaroid turn out?

Here’s hoping these questions jump to the foreground next week, now that Rick’s again wearing his holster.