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This only happens if you marry a woman who is financially independent. Men should not be the only ones who work hard for the household. The fact that women didn’t work didn’t mean they didn’t have high expectations in terms of lifestyle.

According to my observation, when a woman earns as much as a husband or boyfriend, there is way less financial pressure on his shoulders than when a woman does not work or earns less than him. I have noticed that women who didn’t work or earned less than their husband had more expectations that women with a good income.

Many men think that night locations like bars & nightclubs are the best to meet single women.

Unconsciously, you may think that the night brings a party spirit with the promiscuity of women aided by alcohol which allows getting rid of inhibitions.

The internet also eases the process for scammers & gold diggers to meet new preys and steal their money.

Let’s be clear; marriage is only worth it if you marry a woman who earns as much as you or more because if a divorce takes place one day, you get back the money you have poured into the couple.

For sure, I am against signing wedding agreements, nevertheless, it is less bad if a woman earns as much as you do.

According to weddingbee.com, the website dedicated to brides, only 9% of women met their future husband at a bar. Out of 156 people, only 6 people answered that they met their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend at a “cafe/club/venue” which represents only 3,8% of committed people in this poll.

So, it means that night pickup places are overrated.