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" Animal Soul: "Relax, what's the big deal if we wait till tomorrow? Szenes became a symbol of idealism and self-sacrifice, an image strengthened by the stirring set of poems she left behind.She was executed by firing squad in Budapest, and her remains were later brought to Israel.This is a very deep subject and is the basis of volumes of Kabbalistic work.

Just think how revolting it would be if someone served you the finest delicacies in filthy utensils!The Talmud instructs us: "Greet each person with a friendly smile" (Avot ).When you smile to someone, the recipient of your smile gains, and you increase the number of your friends.Resolving to not lie or speak evil is not enough; we must always be on constant guard. We put fences around our homes and properties because we wish to protect them from damage that may come from unsuspected sources.Likewise, to avoid gossip, slander, or lies, we must set up protective "fences" to avoid such an occurrence, as for example, avoiding associating with gossipers, and pausing to think before we talk about another person.