Young cancer survivors dating

With online dating, you can even reveal your situation before arranging a meeting.

Making the disclosure earlier rather than later empowers people to feel they have control, to feel they’re doing this purposefully, and not at a point when it becomes unavoidable.

stop with a cancer diagnosis – especially your love life.

Although disclosure of a life-threatening illness can put a damper on dating, it shouldn't halt your social pursuits.

Cancerpatientmingle was founded to help cancer patients, survivors and others find happiness at a crucial time in their lives through meaningful, real-life relationships or companionship.

You can then utilize built-in communication services to live chat with a person or group, post an event or promote other members' events, create and lead your own live chat support group, or write your own blog.

2date4love was founded by a cervical cancer survivor on August 1, 2011.

They feel stronger and wiser, value relationships more, and are clearer about what qualities they think are most important in prospective partners.

It’s important to feel you have some psychological mastery of the experience you’ve had, and make it part of your identity, so that you’re able to talk about your experience from a strength perspective.