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Pick up the book called “Grindhopping” by Laura Vanderkam It talks about finding your own passions in life and turning it into an entrepreneurial venture.

Rather than you falling into the same predicament of overwhelm and frustration, there are 5 ways I found that can really keep you productive and motivated to finish off what you started, where you can get things done from beginning to end, and feel great while doing so. To be more productive and remain motivated to finish off the project, you simply have to break it down into smaller, more manageable portions.Their enthusiasm to finish off what they had started is greatly reduced and may lead to stop working on the project altogether. They mosey on to the coffee machine grunting under their breath, and once there they find someone to vent on.They spend a few minutes in idle one way chatter, complaining about the project or task that they have to do.I asked Lauren, “What is one thing all the Grindhoppers you met have in common?” Her response was that all of them had a strong sense of self-discipline.