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He requested that the money be paid to his lawyer who was litigating the case for him.

“I had no reason to suspect this guy didn’t exist,” she said.

Let’s face it, marriages and relationships in the west are crumbling left right and center.

As a man, chances are that you have asked yourself why this is the case on countless occasions.

Lan Di is now on the hunt for the Phoenix Mirror; a relic that when combined with the Dragon Mirror could unleash catastrophe upon the world…

First 4 Figures is proud to reveal Shenmue’s lead antagonist and Ryo’s nemesis: Lan Di.

Whilst in Accra, Stalk allegedly got into some problems with the police and needed part of the amount to resolve the issues and invest the remaining in the property in the US as agreed by the two of them.Lan Di is ruthless in combat, and will not hold back when using his skills to destroy anyone who may oppose him.One of Lan Di’s first victims in Shenmue is Ryo’s father: Iwao Hazuki, who surrenders an ancient relic called the Dragon Mirror to him.According to Mary Little, she called the Modern Hotel in Achimota, Accra where Frederick Stalk was supposed to have been staying for the two weeks only to be told he had been beaten up and taken to hospital.Later she learnt he had checked out from the hotel and has since not made any contacts to her.