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It has all the makings of a deep and relatable story – love, betrayal, doubt, empathy, purpose – but needs to find a stronger way to convey through performance to avoid a lecture-like environment. As a self-professed lover of philosophy and inner reflection, I appreciated the nuanced insight that connected the spiritual with the real.

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City producer Vince Musisi seems is still struggling to hook a babe to settle with ever since his bitter split with NTV presenter Josephine Kalungi.

However when we die we no longer eat, metabolise and exhale so the carbon ratio in our bodies is The principle of the carbon-14 dating is based on the fact that the constant irradiation of cosmic rays transmutes nitrogen in the atmosphere into the radioactive isotope carbon-14.

Thus a stationary ratio of carbon-14 to carbon-12 is maintained in the atmosphere.

A couple of things were left unclear to me as I exited the theater, such as what happened to the titular 2 trannies and 1 pannie, who, to my awareness, were not granted any mention throughout.

Nor could I put my finger on when exactly the split between Me and Me Too happened.