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I have written a number of articles under the series title: Answers to my Evolutionist Friends.Each one is very carefully written so you can use it in your evangelistic conversations or to forward to your friends, etc.Additionally, you may want to search an individual background history for a final divorce decree, including support & custody agreements, as well as civil or criminal history.Additional information such as bankruptcies and liens for properties, including property history and past or present titles of ownership, can also be researched.Finally, court records are automatically expunged in many cases, if more than 20 days has passed since the defendant has been acquitted, or 13 months after a nolle is entered.

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Once you do this you can take the necessary steps to get it removed from public record.

One is to verify your own public information or history and arrangements decided in a court case.

You may also want to search for present or pending court dates, outstanding warrants or judgments against you or another person.

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