Women scamming on dating sites

We try to take all the homework out of online dating and give you all the facts.

The first thing we learned in this investigation is that Local uk is connected to a website called Cheeky that we reviewed two years ago.

She wants me to send money to buy one via her money transfer account.

Local uk is a uk-based dating service that we registered on.

It's a fraud disguised to look like a real hookup site.

It may be a surprise to you but no surprise to us that this website uses photographs that they copy or steal from amateur adult image sites.

Unfortunately all the flirts are automated and there aren't any real local girls trying to hook up with you.We did an investigation of Cheeky and we concluded it to be a scam using phony female profile pages along with bogus email messages. We took a screenshot of 290 email messages (see evidence below) that we got being a member on this site.We've been registered as a member on the site for just four days and we've already received 290 email messages. If you received the same type of results (hundreds of emails) and you think this is real you just got conned! We're not receiving real emails from hot looking girls looking to have a one-night stand with us.We joined the site in an effort to provide you with a detailed and honest review that we have summarized in this investigative report.Joining Local Fling enables us to see exactly what you as a member would see if you were to join the dating service.