Widow widowed widower dating

I have met some nice widowers, there, but they are few and far between. If there were a site for only widows and widowers, like there are for other specific categories, there would be a larger data base.

My Answer: Hi, Sorry, I have no real suggestions for you (besides Senior People which you already tried), for a widow/widower specific dating service.

Never share personal information until you feel you have met and feel comfortable with someone and never respond to anyone who tells you they are in need of money for a worthy cause.Internet dating is always going to carry a small risk - but so is meeting a stranger in a bar or sports club.If someone has duplicated a profile it is quickly removed.Should you have cause for concern you are encouraged to contact the support online support.Annie Twelve years ago, as a widow, I was also looking for a dating website specifically for widows and widowers. Twelve years on, we now have thousands of members world wide, and have brought many widows and widowers together online.