Whs updating port forwarding failed

Your website may not be available on the Internet"Well, my website IS still available on the Internet.If I log into the console and go to Remote Access it says "Verifying" and then says "Available".[Pic: usingwindowshomeserver.com] then don’t worry, you’re not alone.Looks like this is a widespread issue, courtesy of Microsoft. I’m sure Microsoft are aware of the issue and will have it resolved soon.To get around this issue there are two options we can undertake.

Although my router claims to support u PNP, it dosen't work. Just like you, every couple of weeks, I get the same nagging message.So, all is working well, except that WHS seems to be mad.I went to "Network Health Status" in the console and put a check mark in the "Ignore this issue" box.You will know if this is the case, because the Default Gateway will list the same IP address as the DNS Servers entry.We need to have the correct DNS Servers IP addresses otherwise we will not be able to browse the web.