Whole foods employee dating policy

You have that credibility because you work for Whole Foods." "There was a brand of supplements -- which I won't name -- that was - for about 80 pills.And if you look at the percentage of nutrients in these multivitamins, the daily value was, like, 1% calcium. And the company's argument would've been that the vitamins were food-based so they would absorb better in the body.

' I have to say, 'because that person is more valuable.That'd be tough enough without having to talk to customers concerned about whether the carrots in the produce section were grown less than 10 miles from the store. Turns out, there's a whole lot of crazy at Whole Foods… "Some perishable food would go to places like the sandwich bar, so they could get rid of stuff that was fresh for another day or two -- like produce they couldn't sell. I don't know if they do that anymore, but they did that when I started at the company." "I was so used to crazy people coming in that it became the norm.and when we spoke to a guy who worked as a manager at a few California Whole Foods from 2005-2012, he let slip a lot of interesting tidbits about life behind the apron. I had conversations with customers about chemtrails at a freaking grocery store.I had people go off on religious rants about Jews to me -- and I'm Jewish, by the way.I had a guy basically admit to me that he had relations with underage people in Thailand. People talk and run their mouths a lot and get too comfortable.