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I think it's funny a guy named "Wolf" likes a guy named "Tiger," too. Wolf Blitzer Jeopardy details have made it to the highlights this time.I actually played baseball in high school, although not well (laughs). He brings out different points of view, and keeps people honest.

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Wolf Blitzer started his career on 1972 and this personality is a graduate of University of Buffalo as well as the Johns Hopkins University.I go down to the NBA All-Star Game every year, and I interview them both. For example, Magic is a supporter of Hillary, but he speaks highly of Barack. If you, Lou Dobbs, John King, Anderson Cooper, and Candy Crowley are playing basketball, who's slotted 1-5 and why? Wolf Blitzer anchors a three-hour show every day, has interviewed virtually every politician and newsmaker in the world and has moderated several Presidential debates this year. Perhaps the coolest thing about him, though, is that he's like all of us: a die-hard sports fan (Wizards, Nats, George Washington hoops) who adored baseball as a kid. He's been back, but he's not the same Gilbert we all know and love. I've been a fan of this team for a long time, dating back to the Bullets days and the Dark Ages.