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While we don't know exactly how much revenue the current US.99 program bundle of Photoshop and Lightroom generates for Adobe, it has to be considerable.And transitioning photographers to a less-than-Classic version of Lightroom would be terrifically difficult to do, I think.

The notion that you only buy your computer, software, and camera once is long gone.

But now you can get the U-point technology back by getting Photo Lab. Lost in all the uproar over Lightroom is the fact that the other programs in the Photography Plan changed this week, too. Like Lightroom Classic CC, the primary big addition to the latest Photoshop for photographers is the ability to use Range Masking in Adobe Camera Raw (which itself is now updated to version 10). Likewise, it's now far easier to output your work directly to Adobe Portfolio or Adobe Stock.

Many of the other changes have less direct impact on photographers' use of Photoshop, but here they are: As usual with the bigger Photoshop updates, there are ton of buried little changes. A new image resize algorithm has been added (it's in Preferences/Technology Preview/Enable Preserve Details 2.0 Upscale). To a large degree, the whole 2018 update of the CC apps tends towards integrating all of Adobe's capabilities together.

That, I think was a wrong decision by Adobe; it's been a big source of the ill-will towards CC from the beginning.

As I've written before, software is not forever (nor is hardware).