Who is pooja bedi dating

If someone is perfect for me, I'll be with him no matter where he is from. We bet now ‘Fukrey' fans are all the more excited to watch the second instalment of the franchise which has already garnered a great response from the viewers.

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Now the only one who can save the six friends is a sage but it certainly looks like the miraculous snake might as well do away with all her enemies before the sage lay hands on her.

Unfortunately, one of them had an itchy trigger finger, and when he saw the woman in human form and the man in snake form, he thought the snake was going to bite her and he shot it.

The guys leave, not sure whether to believe they are in trouble or not.

Usually, when a killer is eliminating people one at a time throughout a movie, we don't sympathize with many of the victims.

Often, they are two dimensional, or, if fleshed out, not particularly sympathetic. The movie takes time to develop each of the men, their strengths and weaknesses, before the snake woman (or Nagin, hence the title) attempts to kill them.