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If you don't recognize them, don't feel bad: They were spoken in Spanish by an actress named Cindyana Santangelo, or Cindy Lair, who Jane's lead singer Perry Farrell described as "a Latin Marilyn Monroe."The next words, however, were clear as day.

"Here we go," Farrell wails, and the album that launched the '90s was off.

"It asked the people of Israel to celebrate their liberty with a huge musical festival once every 50 years," Farrell enthuses, "and we're living in the Jubilee cycle right now.

Ten years on, it seems that his love of spectacle is undiminished."I feel the wind in my sails," he says.

"I'm currently looking for musicians and dancers to join me for a huge Jubilee celebration in the Judaean wilderness." He seems to, remember something.

If you love the drama of The Haves, wait till you meet these Alabama girls.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have more influence over your children than you do. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jane's Addiction."Those are the words that open Jane's Addiction's second studio album, released on August 21, 1991.