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Chad revealed their relationship after posting a photo of them together on Instagram, and Michelle followed soon after with one of her own. I don't think anything in life that feels and looks completely safe offers the best rewards with them.... "Unexpected, Unannounced, Unbelievable," she wrote in the caption of the photo.#40for40 #40single Postsbefore40 #lifeprinciple A post shared by C H A D J O H N S O N (@chadjohnson77) on Some of the best advice I received as young man from one of my mentors was ...... // we have so many ideas in our heads about what we think our spouse is supposed to be like/look like etc ...... The chaplain's face isn't in the photo, but you can clearly see his shadow on the wall.While we don't know how long the couple has been dating, we're happy to see that they've gone public with their spiritual romance.The pair is a match made in heaven as Michelle is more recently known as a gospel singer and Chad clearly has the church devotion that she desires.

It was only when she reached her thirties that she understood exactly what it was she was dealing with. "I was in that place where it got so dark and heavy because sometimes you feel like 'I'm the provider, I take care of people, I'm not supposed to be feeling this way - what do I do? Johnson and Williams expressed their relationship on Instagram after she helped him celebrate his 40th birthday at San Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He is a professional chaplain for the Pittsburgh Steelers and LA Dodgers.The biggest thing to come out of the highly anticipated reunion of Destiny's Child during the Super Bowl halftime show? She always fuck N the groove up," singer Keyshia Cole wrote, blasting her performance.Not their latest single -- they didn't even play "Nuclear," off their new album, "Love Songs" -- but just how awkward Michelle Williams looked onstage from the moment she popped out onto it. The website Poor Michelle seemingly materialized out of nowhere and is devoted to the singular topic of Williams' unintentional comedy.