Who is mark philippoussis dating now sheree wilson dating

Let’s face it, all the girls on Mark’s show are in it to pick up a paycheck, hook-up, get humiliated on national TV, and try and get enough exposure to land them another TV gig somewhere down the road.

If you really believe that, and you have exhausted all other avenues and you think that TV’s the only place to go, then you have got bigger issues.

As for the show itself, chances of it bombing have to be right around 100%.

During the commercial yesterday they didn’t even mention by name who the “stud” (or in this case “dud”) guy was.

He endured three bouts of surgery on his left knee between 19 and is understood to have recovered well from the fourth, on his right.

Interestingly, while medical opinion on Philippoussis' playing future was divided immediately after the most recent injury was diagnosed, a sombre Jones sided with the pessimists.