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As co-founder of Bright Line Partners, a company that produces dynamic, interactive and now T-commerce ads for partners like Hulu, Corbelli has had to deal with adversity in both the advertising and the technology industries.

“If you let your confidence and conviction drive you, you can ignore other dynamics that try to distract you,” she says.

“Our mission is to catch as many young girls as possible,” says Albrechtsen.

“[We want to] give them role models, confidence and interests in technology so that they do not ‘self-select’ away but instead ‘lean in.’” Gretchen Carlson Television journalist Since her well-publicized departure from Fox News last summer following a sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes (parent company 21st Century Fox settled with her for million and issued a public apology), Carlson has become a prominent advocate for women’s issues, passionately speaking out against harassment in the workplace.

“Every single day, we’re doing something disruptive somewhere,” she adds.

Beth Comstock Vice chair, General Electric As General Electric’s first female vice chair, Comstock wants to close the 125-year-old company’s gender gap.

Bright Line’s goal is to help television find its place in the digital world, and navigating the frequently changing horizon of digital media isn’t always easy.

“There’s an old tech saying that we use as our guiding light,” says Corbelli.

“My door has always been open.” Her mission is continuing through her new fund, Gift of Courage, which “inspires women and girls to stand up and speak up,” she adds.

“Companies need to make a commitment to hiring more women in technical roles and provide opportunities for challenging and fulfilling jobs.

Universities need to make a commitment to educate more women in technical fields, and we all need to create more role models and examples that people can follow.” Jacqueline Corbelli CEO, chairman, co-founder, Bright Line Partners Interactive ads all over Hulu and other major streaming platforms are mostly thanks to Corbelli.

Elevated from chief marketing and commercial officer in 2015, Comstock has proactively championed women in leadership and technology, promising to hire 20,000 women in STEM roles by 2020.

Moreover, the brand is working to fill 50 percent of technical entry-level jobs with women.