Who is jose canseco dating

Justin Bieber left a Hollywood club on Tuesday night with Jose Canseco’s 19-year-old daughter. TMZ posted a video Wednesday of the pair leaving 1 OAK on the Sunset strip.

Bieber got into a waiting SUV, followed by the model a few moments later. We’ll keep you updated on this exciting story as events unfold.

We were new, but we were very involved very quickly, hot and heavy.

Josie: I think you were very respectful and it's not the easiest thing.

Aside from Jose’s interesting girlfriend Leila, it’s probably worth noting how interesting a guy Canseco himself is. I think he’s really entertaining and a bit of a goofball.

As grim as blowing off your finger is, it may get classified as “just another Canseco moment” a few years from now.

She’s a model, of course, but she also has done some stunt work.

Yes, she has been a stuntwoman, and a lot of her ability to do stunts probably comes from her gymnastics background.