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While preparing for their guests to arrive, Maura asks Kate to remain sober for the party, so that she will be able to enjoy the party. As the party begins, the sisters realize that all of their high school classmates have matured and do not want a wild party.

To prevent the guests from leaving, they give a speech to their guests and ask Dave (John Leguizamo) to invite his drug dealer over so they can buy marijuana.

More of their friends show up, including their nail stylists, who are able to turn the party around into the epic celebration they were hoping for.

Brinda arrives uninvited, where she is promptly kicked out by Kate.

As they are going to sleep, Kate convinces Maura to have one last party in their childhood home.

The next morning, the sisters are awakened by the new homeowners coming to see the house in order to begin to plan all of the things they want to change when to move in, and tell them that the home needs to be in perfect condition in order for the sale to go through, causing great distress to Maura and Kate.

Maura, a recently divorced nurse, is constantly trying to help people, and Kate is an unorganized and irresponsible stylist, who is living in her friend's house, while her teenage daughter, Haley (Madison Davenport), lives elsewhere and refuses to tell Kate where she is staying.

Maura calls to tell her the news, but stops short of telling Kate that their childhood home is being sold, and instead convinces her to come to Orlando for a while, as Kate has just been kicked out of her apartment.

These are the adventures of Miranda, Amelia, Luke, Alex, Jade, Charlie, Michael, Sam, Ethan, Jack, Delphi and the very unamused head campers Liliana Adams, Violet Jane, Rose Walker, and Riley Callahan Annabeth Chase... The floorboards still squeak and the door still slams from the wind on a nice day, and the new Hermes kids are just as wide-eyed and mischievous as ever. And Mitchell is still beautiful.-The Connor POV of Hands Cupping Sparklers that's been a long time coming.Maura convinces Haley that Kate has changed for the better, and Haley buys a plane ticket to Orlando to surprise Kate.The sisters finish up their shopping, and stop by James' house where Kate forces Maura to ask him to come to their party, and he agrees.Annabeth Chase is a lady in one of the most famous city-state in Greece, Athens, named after her mother, Athena. When her mother tells her she must marry a son of Poseidon, she doesn't know he is the boy from her dreams, literally. Except from Percy.----Mr D and Chiron go missing at the same time a dead girl comes back from the dead? The Doors of Death are closed, she should still be dead.-----Something's not right.---- Nico has never felt wanted at camp Half-blood or camp Jupiter but he stays. He leaves with the only friends that did not what him dead.They meet Chaos and find out a lot about Nico and who he really is and bring back dead friends and never return. Will they put the past behind them and help or will they not?

Who is jason ellis dating katie