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This week, we dig into sexual fantasies and fetishes - which types of fantasies are the most popular, how to have a comfortable conversation about your kinks, and what to do if your partner's fetish freaks you out.This week, we break down the challenges for aging women - why there's pressure to "dress your age," why older females are constantly stuck in a lose-lose situation, and how to love your appearance at any stage in life.We share one of our favorite episodes when two of our best friends joined us to discuss marriage - why there's so much pressure to tie the knot, how to be less terrified of marriage, and whether or not we'll someday say "I do."This week, we help you de-stress over the holiday celebrations - how to reduce anxiety while you're back at home, how to mentally prepare for all the social gatherings, and why you shouldn't feel guilty if you're not spending the season with family.

To kick off 2017, we explore the quarter-life crisis - how to determine what gives you a meaningful life, how to deal with failed personal expectations, and why sometimes we need to abandon old dreams to discover our real purpose.

Our friend, professional therapist Kati Morton joins us to answer the FAQs on OCD - what are common types of compulsions, how to know if you have OCD vs.

OCD tendencies, and how to talk about your mental health to your friends, family, and therapist.

This week, sex ed specialist Laci Green joins us to talk about all things orgasm - how you can experiment to have an orgasm, which myths you shouldn't believe, and how to talk to your partner about climaxing.

This week, we dig into our passion for periods - how we survived embarrassing period-exposed experiences, how to talk to your partner about having sex on your period, and how to overcome the fear of tampons.