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She was also in a short-lived US television series called Glory Days in 2002.

In 2004, she appeared in Legend of Earthsea and played a serial killer in Ripper 2: Letter from Within.

‘A lot of people’family, friends, peers ‘add up to be my Dr. ”I’d love to meet my match one day and have a family, but only time will tell.’ With Erin now splitting her time between Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto, planning is key to her approach to healthy eating.

‘Whenever I get to a hotel, I request a mini-fridge so I can stock up at the health food store. A., so I make sure I have snacks like almonds in my car.’ Erin keeps up her energy by consuming most of her calories in the first half of the day, eating small but regular meals, sleeping well and staying hydrated.

That same year, she pursued her acting career and appeared in several shows and TV movies.

She soon became known for playing the role of Kate in the series Godiva's, which earned her nominations for the Leo Awards and the Gemini Awards.

‘And I would love to reunite with Michael Riley [Dr. He’s a brilliant actor and a wonderful friend.’ Erin’s and Erica’s shared life lessons about letting go helped Erin as she filmed the show’s finale.

‘I’m from Alberta and we’re not that emotional, but I was very upset,’ Erin says, tears forming in her green eyes.

Erin is less girly, more likely to spend a makeup-free weekend fishing with her brother near Jasper.Karpluk began her acting career in Vancouver and between 20, she appeared in more than a dozen television movies and series before landing the role of Kate in Godiva's.Her work during this period included "Voice of Sylan" in the final episode of Dark Angel and the TV movie Family Sins.Her exuberance is contagious at her photo shoot; she has the entire room laughing as she flashes her gorgeous smile, blows kisses and goofily shows off ‘her triceps for the camera. Everything in life is fun if you make it.’ Having grown up in the Rocky Mountains, Erin’s love of being active began with hiking and downhill skiing, passions she still enjoys.As a child, she dreamed of being an actress, and never wavered from that goal.