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But what has been keeping busy the pro illusionist?

Perhaps his gorgeous model girlfriend and daughter?

I miss the comedic paranoia such as "Anything Else".

However, "Cassandra's Dream" is still very much a Woody Allen film, with the same witty and crisp dialogs, and right to the point scenes.

Ewan Mc Gregor is a rising star with great plans for the future, while Colin Farrell is a messed up guy who drinks and gambles excessively.

When they are faced with a moral dilemma, the role seems to be reversed.

As a result of this well written and executed plot, I find this film engaging and suspenseful.

I particularly like the moral struggle, and the contrast between the two brothers that play against their stereotype.

Originally, the film was scheduled to open in the US in late 2007 to qualify for Academy Award consideration.

After some indifferent previews, however, it was given a January 2008 release.