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He has been on and off with Kristin krewson since the band started.Christofer Drew is an American musician, known as the front man and guitarist of Indie rock band Never Shout Never, and also experimental metal band ' Eat Me Raw' (formerly Eatmewhileimhot).Christopher Drew and Hanna Merjos have been dating since Aug 2012 and posted their together photos on Instagram, but they broke up their affair on 2013.Drew has a tattoo of his Parents initials EI and Nk; he also tattooed half of his body. On 3 June 2012, Never Shout Never was interviewed by Youtuber Bryan Stars.

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go check out Kristin krewson tumblr she explains everything about christofer on there. The name "Never Shout Never" and later "Never Shout Never" originally referred exclusively to Christofer Drew Ingle before the touring band previously referred to as "The Shout" took up the name "Never Shout Never" with Ingle as front man.Originally a solo project, Ingle began making music under the alias Never Shout Never! His first exposure came through the internet, where he achieved success on My Space before issuing the extended play, The Yippee EP on July 29, 2008.He is also active on several social networking sites such as Twitter, to stay in touch with his fans around the globe.Christofer drew was going through a hard time, him and his girlfriend of 2 years broke up and his parents were getting a divorce, however, he met a wonderful girl named Kiwi Carranza, and she definitally took him out of his slump. they have been happily together for almost 3 months now, and they travel on tour everywhere together.