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Maybe that President Clinton is a fan of the movie. Rob would gather everyone for dinner in his hotel suite four nights a week. You wrote about spending a lot of time with Andre the Giant, and being very affected by him. Rob basically told Billy Crystal to throw away his lines and just improvise which is when he started doing medieval Yiddish ‘stand-up’.

How about for you: in doing all of these interviews, what did you learn about the movie that you didn’t already know? What is something Andre’s fans don’t know about him? Out of all the scenes in the movie, what was the most fun to shoot? First Rob was banished from the set, as his laugh is very robust. There is much more within the pages of this book to delight and fascinate fans of the movie.

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Cary’s grandfather Elliott Kastner was an American film producer.

After being asked by countless fans what it was like making the movie, Elwes decided to take the bull by the horns and write a book about it.), the movie starred everyone from newcomer Robin Wright in her first film role to veteran Billy Crystal, playwright Wallace Shawn, and biggest of all, wrestler Andre The Giant (at almost 7 feet tall and 500 pounds).

Elwes starred as the dashing Westley, who transforms from farm boy to swashbuckling hero and fights in battle for true love.

and p.m.) but maybe don’t expect to see Cary Elwes there.

While you might be about to add another notch to your tally of the dozens (or maybe hundreds) of times you’ve seen it, Elwes is not.