Who is aj michalka dating now

Though the sisters have long since ditched their purity rings (Aly married Stephen Ringer in a sweaty ceremony in Italy in 2015, she drives his charmingly vintage Land Rover to photo shoots), they haven’t gone as explicitly sexual as previous acts that have exited Disney.

Their first album, , went gold and their second and third albums sold comparably, but they haven’t released a proper album in 10 years.

Now they’re back with their original name and a new single, “Take Me,” featuring a shot of a butt peeking out from behind a raised skirt.For one thing, they're posing for Playboy, though they're dressed in crop tops and bikinis, not nothing at all like some models.They've also opened up their minds to a different view of their Christian beliefs.'Within religion there's a lot of prejudice and I think AJ and I, thankfully, never ended up growing up around something like that, but we definitely saw friends that did,' Aly told Playboy.'I think that's the hardest thing about religion, is that people use religion as a way to judge other people, but I think that that kind of defeats the whole purpose, unfortunately, of loving your neighbor as you would yourself.'But though they've broken away a bit from their past, the sisters don't regret being thrust into the spotlight at a young age. It was normal to me, even though, in hindsight, it’s not normal.Now she and Aly, 28, are doing things a bit differently, including posing for Playboy in a shoot that — while covered-up for the nude magazine — is a far cry from their Disney days.Sisters Aly & AJ released their first album, Into the Rush, on the Disney-owned label Hollywood Records in 2005, when they were just 14 and 16.