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She is Sarah Mc Nerney (Brittany Murphy), a young free spirit and daughter of one of Beverly Hills' richest tycoons.Their marriage meets with great opposition from her snobbish family, especially from her father who wishes she had married her old flame and refined family friend, Peter Prentis (Christian Kane).Turns out his wife is carrying on a lesbian affair, which is messing with David's rep in town.Meanwhile, young Melody (the always radiant and underexposed Jennifer Westfeldt) isn't quite in love with her boyfriend, but he keeps pushing for fancy trips and even marriage.She revels in the savvy superficiality the part calls for (God forbid her hunky baseball star fiancé discover she wears contacts!), yet she reveals in layers a hidden depth and intelligence that her character willfully swallowed after learning to get by on her looks and feigned effervescence.

Most recently, he blew an undercover assignment by getting his partner shot in the arm just before crashing the police car into a street market.), all in period costume and/or moustaches makes for a very rare juxtaposition of atrocious acting from the school of Schmaltz.Continue reading: Crossfire Trail Review Angelina Jolie shows off the lighter side of her considerable acting talent in "Life or Something Like It," a re-prioritization comedy about an ambitious, showbiz-shallow, platinum blonde fluff reporter for a Seattle TV news station.By day, she works as a bike messenger, hustling from destination to destination, utilizing garbage truck roofs and crowded department store floors as shortcuts.By night, she spends her time skipping out on dates and transforming her Crown Victoria into supercharged yellow taxicab.