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“Love yourself, and that’s the most beautiful thing,” added co-host Tamera Housley and yes, self love is a major factor in successful relationships.

There are many singles out here with and without the desire to marry who still date and enter relationships.

“There’s this really good looking dude that I totally approve of, completely,” Maks told Tony. “They all go up to him and say, ‘Maks, take me out on a date,’” Brandy said. “I just don’t even know what to say to them.” Maks admitted he doesn’t even have any decent pick-up lines, usually waiting for a girl to come up to him instead and show some interest.

“And I found out she’s one of those old school women that likes to be, you know, courted and ran after… Brandy said the courtship hit a bit of a roadblock. “I’m [not] going to walk up to them and say, ‘Hi, are you hurting ‘cause you fell from heaven?

Yet, they’re miserable on the inside because they don’t love themselves.

They would rather be with someone—anyone—than to be alone with themselves.

Comedian and co-host Loni Love said it best when she asked that we as peers, the public, and fellow women to respect her personal decisions, whether she doesn’t want to get married ever or changes her mind somewhere down the line.

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It’s vulnerable because most women have a desire for companionship in the form of marriage.“We’ll ballroom dance at the reception,” Brandy said.However, Brandy said she isn’t very close to that potential big day. Maks said he tried to set her up, but so far, things haven’t gone picture perfect.I call this type of single being “single-single:” being single on purpose.It’s an empowering choice to make, not because you can’t be in a relationship, you just choose not to…at least for now.