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Plans are still in progress for displaying the windows at Boston University and the two now owned by NECCAH/NEUMHS.

In addition, the windows from the sanctuary paid for by the eleven units of the WFMS along with a number of windows dedicated to the early pastors of the former Tremont Street MEC are being made available to any interested parties across the denomination.

Location: Within the bounds of the New England Conference, in the city of Boston at 740 Tremont Street.

Food and lodging: There are numerous restaurants and lodging within the greater Boston area.

After the sale to a housing developer, all the windows were removed and placed in storage.To qualify, customers must activate their WFMS account within 30 days of their account open date by processing a minimum of in Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover transactions and supply an invoice from their current processor or Value Added Reseller clearly indicating qualifying switching expenses billed within 60 days of the WFMS account open date.Qualifying customers will receive their rebate to their merchant services statement in the amount equal to the lesser of the qualifying switching expenses or maximum rebate of 0 within 60 days of receipt and confirmation of the information on the rebate fulfillment form.As leaders in the payments industry, you can rely on our team to deliver streamlined payment processing services tailored to the needs of your business – on site, online, or on the go.Every business has different needs, and over time these needs change.