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that loves farting like that is one of my biggest fantasies is to have a girl fart for me if there are any girps that like farting and find it in a sexual way hit me up on kik atx_boi23 Even just to tell me or just have conversation about farting SO IWENT TO EAT BEFORE IWENT AND GOT MII NAILS DONE AND ATE SUM CHEESE PIZZA AND CHEESE GIVES ME BAD GAS SUMTYMES, SO ISIT DWN N IFEEL MII STOMACH BUBBLE IKNE IHAD GAS ITRIED TO HOLD IT IN CUX THE LADY WAS BENT OVER DOIN MII FEET IDIDNT WANA BE RUDE N FART IN HER FACE BT ICUDNT...Ok gals, I've never done it before, because I'm into girls farts only, but since the number of girls with a fart fetish here on EP (happily) increases and I'm personally such a great farter (maybe a bit shy, but I can outfart most of my fellows) : P so I feel obliged to share some... I am not sure what caused it, but it started in the evening.It is both the smell and sound of farts that can be arousing to these men.What is the appeal this bizarre fetish that involves woman farting?No one knows for sure, but some speculate it may have a lot to do with the taboo aspect of it.It’s not ladylike for a woman to have bodily functions, but it is somewhat tolerable for men. When something is deemed prohibited in some way, or forbidden it becomes more exciting for fetishists. If you have a fart fetish, feel free to talk about and make your fantasies come true with one of our chat hosts.a girl that likes to fart or dont mind.....(not looking for no dating site as people are always creepy ..though i might sound like i am..) or meet my soulmate...i just would love to meet a female friend that maybe has a fart fettisshhh that we could share. Not sure if it was something I ate, or the fact that I ate alot, but it continued into the early morning. It felt hot as it came out, I had covered myself in...All of the sudden, I was sitting on my bed when all of the sudden I ripped a big juicy one out when my friend was sitting there and it smelled like beans....

These gases are odorless, although they often pick up other (and more odiferous) components on the way through the bowel.

Flatulence fetishism or eproctophilia are the technicals term for this particular fetish.

Fart fetishists as they are more commonly referred to find flatulence alluring and can easily get sexual satisfaction when they think about it.

FACTS ON FARTS by Brenna Lorenz All contents copyright © 1998 Brenna Lorenz, Megaera Lorenz, Malachi Pulte. Reproduction of any part of site without express permission is strictly prohibited. The gas in our intestines comes from several sources: air we swallow, gas seeping into our intestines from our blood, gas produced by chemical reactions in our guts, and gas produced by bacteria living in our guts. By the time the air reaches the large intestine, most of what is left is nitrogen.

Most of the air we swallow, especially the oxygen component, is absorbed by the body before the gas gets into the intestines.