I enjoy squatting while smoking a cigarette, playing with my cellphone, and scratching my balls.

I enjoy it when there's no paper and I have to use a page from China Daily. I think the word "toilet" sums up the whole situation. Think of the picture you get in your head when you hear the word "toilet".

But for something that I'm just going to wipe my ass with, I'm not going to insist that it be sterilized. The lamest thing would be that you got STD in a toilet. I do not use tp in public toilets unless it's locked. Most Chinese are not keen on getting petty advantages/profits. Hey, if you get a different answer, by all means let us know. It's not so endemic that it becomes a prohibitive expense for the restaurant/office management or whatever, though.

If you're that queasy about someone's hands touching your toilet paper, I sure hope you never have to see what goes on in the restaurant kitchens here. The fact is, whenever I've asked, I'm told that it all disappears too quickly. If I was going to put it in my mouth, I might worry about who touched it.


I enjoy it if there's no working light during the night.Why are chinese toilets such toilets for want of a better word.Even busy restaurants that could easily afford nice bogs have crappy small things that must have cost about 100 kuai in total to furnish ,and that have no soap, toilet paper and gob all over the floor! Most places can afford to have a person employed for the most menial tasks, why not the toilet cleaning. To add insult to injury, China's public toilet on the street charges one yuan per entry.I was greeted by the nastiest friggin' pit toilets I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. HIV is infectious via sperm/cum, blood, vaginal secretion and milk. On more than one occasion, I've seen Chinese taking a lot when they are actually leaving. I've used the facilities on arrival, and seen several Chinese taking a lot off the roll as they are leaving. As for not wanting to touch anything after a possible HIV patient has used, how uneducated are you?It has been a lasting memory and impression of the great state of Ohio. First 2 things can be found in men's and women's rooms at times. There was a joke/real story told by our dermatology teacher. Unless they have had copious amounts of blood loss during use, HIV can't be transmitted through the ways you are detailing.