Webcam sex trial

As rumors swirled on social media that year, a self-appointed advocate for the women, Cordelia Fiterre, created a secret Facebook group where the women compared hazy memories: offers of cocaine, marijuana or alcohol in Rogayan’s apartment on Chestnut Street; waking up in the morning feeling violated – or in the act of being sexually violated, according to alleged victims’ reports in the court record.

H., 28, who met Rogayan for the first time on a night in fall 2013.(As it’s charged, it is rape, under state law.) But she felt unsure about pursuing the case at all, according to police reports summarized by the defense.No charges were filed until other reports came to light in 2015.After a couple of gin and tonics, she recalled almost nothing of the night, except for waking up to find the defendant sexually touching her, according to charging papers.K., 24, who was drinking alone at Cap Hansen’s in April 2015.