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She was everything a proud father could ever want in a daughter; incredibly beautiful, smart, determined, adventurous ... She definitely took after her mother when it came to genetics.Her mother was part Asian and blessed with subtle exotic features, long dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, flawless skin, captivating smile, and a dynamic although flirtatious personality.I, of course, benefited from it until her career became more important and our time together grew shorter.To say Tashia was an exact image of her mother would be an understatement." Her eyes brightened as she excitedly replied, "Does that mean I can buy more stuff?

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This is a work of fantasy and fiction which had been in my head for the longest time. Not out of my life mind you, but off to college and her first time being away from home.

Watching her grow up through the school years had been a blessing in disguise and my life revolved around her.

As the years went by, she changed from a quirky adolescent to grown woman with a level head on her shoulders.

Although the time for letting her go was approaching at least I knew she wanted to spend the rest of the summer with me before she left.

I was also glad she decided she wanted to stay in state and go to the University of Oregon; a duck. I was just in the mall doing some shopping and thought I'd message you." Off to the side of her I could see a mountain of shopping bags already. I tended to spoil her and it made me happy to do so; on the other hand, she spoiled me by being a wonderful daughter and taking care of things around our home.

Webcam sex girl live for free no criedet card