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I have no real problem with that, but I do have a problem with failing to keep up with changing browser, operating system, and security threat changes.

As of the last few days, Firefox browser joins Chrome in not supporting some of the underlying technology used by Java – the preferred client for the old chat.

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Flash was still an option, but that doesn’t run on i OS devices.

The mobile (html) chat was always buggy as shit and the i OS app was pulled from the Apple Store without explanation. The new chat will work in pretty much any browser, PC, mobile device, or tablet.

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Also, should our chat community grow, I can use membership roles to automatically create access to additional group chats.

Members can make some profile edits directly from the chat by clicking on the menu icon (upper right) then clicking the profile edit link. From the left, they are the pop-up window launch icon, and the menu icon.

On the phone, tap the chat icon to load the chat page, tap it again to enter the chat.

It should even work on Smart TVs with a browser (not tested).