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Pretty much the only thing I didn't make was the clothing we were wearing that day and our wedding rings.

My father got our wedding rings for us and had them engraved with [the [phrase] "bind on equip." It's a term that's in the game that whenever you bind a piece of equipment and you put it on, it binds to your character.

They've covered her annual ,000 tuition at Villanova University's school of law, taken her on trips and given her up to ,000 for a monthly allowance. She's just a woman whose rich boyfriends pay her expenses.

"The concept of a man taking care of a woman dates back to ancient times," says Candice, who asked us not to use her last name.

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Despite that, Candice joined dating site Seeking Arrangement.com, where she and 4.5 million other "beautiful, successful people fuel mutually beneficial relationships," according to its website. Then consider its tagline: "12 girls for each guy...spoil them and they spoil you back." Over the past three years, Candice, 26, has dated a real-estate developer, a venture capitalist and an attorney.Her previous relationship ended because her partner resented the time she'd spend playing with friends. "My guild, they're like my family." She now belongs to LFGdating.com, co-founded by Casey Tebo four years ago when he realized there's a growing group of adults who love playing everything from Clash of Clans to Call of Duty."We wanted to create a tasteful dating site for mature gamers," he says, referring to the over-18 set. "I turn into a cursing, cussing demon and it is unfortunate." Brandon Wade couldn't get the time of day from women, even with a degree from MIT and a lucrative job at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.You can type in the game, so you can chat with people on different channels and stuff like that.But it wasn't until we joined the guild that we actually started talking. After being friends for two years, I was like, "Hey, why don't you come and visit me? Amanda: Basically, World of Warcraft was throughout the entire wedding. A lot of the creative stuff came in during the reception, where I actually made crests for all the guests.