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Briefly I had been charged “third party charges” by Telstra.

Apparently I had “subscribed” to something that would cost me $X to send a message to them, but it would cost me $XXX when the send a message to me. I am still tyring to figure out what is their “standard” charge. The issue is I am not the type who would subscribe to anything like that.

Hi Sunshine, I actually work for Telstra and although I cannot comment on behalf of them, but I can give you a personal opinion/advice on your post.

The 19 Premium content numbers are set up by outside providers/content companies and your Mobile provider only passes on the charge for the service.

Don't SMS numbers you see on TV and you'll be fine. Having no evidence of messages sent just means your kids know how to clear old messages.

In general, these are not fraudulent charges, and the content provider is providing legitimate content (albeit content that the OP is not aware of/does not want).

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Telstra should, imo, not do business with companies like this if it doesn't want to be painted with the same brush!It is not Telstra's fault, they are just stuck in the middle. After an hour on the phone with Telstra who reluctantly located the service finally had it stopped.What people don't realise that when they sign up to web services and use their mobile, they also agree that the number will be passed on to advertisers / sponsors. So don't go posting your mobile number on web sign up forms or competition forms unless you know that you number will not be passed on. But Telstra is acting in a similar way to a credit card provider.Basically any business can on sell your information. FYI, I have emailed the company (forget calling the 1800 number, I prefer in writing).So take care with your information you give out, even your mobile number. As you would expect, the answer is similar to what Scott said.