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I would visit the Bugatti factory in Molsheim tomorrow and see the carbon-fiber wizardry at work but this day—May 5, 2014—will forever live on for me as the day that I joined the 200 mph club in the ultimate car. Lekker Home only collects sales tax on orders shipped to an address in the state of Massachusetts.On a clear, crisp, sunny spring day, it was the best Grand Tourer imaginable. Luckily, my experience was better—after hitting 326 kph (just over 200 mph), the carbon-ceramic disc brakes (and with the now-vertical rear spoiler acting as an air brake) brought us back to turning speed and we continued along with no drama.With Pierre-Henri Raphanel riding shotgun (he’s a former French Grand Prix driver and current Pilote Officiel for Bugatti), I learned a lot about this most-excellent machine from what he said and from following his directions on what to do. With Pierre-Henri joining me, in the black and red Vitesse, with tire pressure set for high-speed runs, we did some familiarization laps, then I got to put the pedal to the metal. Successive laps that afternoon were equally thrilling and completely safe.Shift the car in to “D” (yes, it has an automatically-actuated dual-clutch transmission) and one can motor off with aplomb and civility.Alternatively (and much more entertaining), one can put the transmission in “1” and choose “Sport” mode and then use either the paddle shifters or the center lever to chose upshifts.

Words are inadequate for sharing the experience but I shall try.I apologize for the delay in writing—I wasn’t able to control my hands to type out this article before now.There really is nothing like this car, the “Fastest Roadster In The World.” I mean, look at the numbers!You may be responsible for state and local sales/use taxes when filing your tax returns. A distinctive typeface that’s at home everywhere it goes.