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The Flying Pig takes reservations for lunch and brunch only, with exceptions depending on location.For more information please call the location you are interested in below or click here to check reservations online. Spots are limited to 30 participants, because we’ve found that an intimate, get-to-really-know-you setting works the best for making real connections.We also make sure there’s an equal gender ratio – or very close to it – at every one of our events.We also have an LGBTQ inclusive mixer in the works for later this year -- join our newsletter to stay in the loop and get off your ticket: ABOUT VEG SPEED DATE We create life-changing matches and love stories in the veg community.Veg Speed Date is exclusively for vegan and vegetarian singles.And let's not forget that doctors used to endorse cigarettes! Here's a good article explaining why doctors are generally uninformed about nutrition.

He's a corporate doctor (not in private practice), working for a company which develops health programs for workers. source (Vegan) Conducted a remarkable 20-year research study by putting patients with advanced heart disease on a low-fat vegan diet. Debated the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Director before the FDA and was invited as an expert witness to defend Oprah Winfrey in the infamous "meat defamation trial." Taught part of Dr. Colin Campbell's famous nutrition course at Cornell University. "Alona is a board-certified practitioner of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Family Medicine Physician specializing in nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Pulde is lead author of the book, "Keep It Simple, Keep It Whole: Your Guide to Optimum Health." She also developed the Lifestyle Change Program used for patients in the film Forks Over Knives, [and formerly] in her clinic, Exsalus Health & Wellness Center. Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman joined Whole Foods Market in 2010 to help found the company’s Wellness Clubs and serve as health and wellness medical experts." source World-famous pediatric physician and activist. Dietary advice, Bio #1, Bio #2 Though Schweitzer is the source of many pro-animal quotes that adorn vegetarian websites, we've seen no reliable source that claims he was actually a vegetarian, and a couple which insist that he wasn't. Ward was an opthamologist for the military, and as of March 2012 is grad student in the Physical Activity and Public Health track at George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Service in Washington DC. Anyone contemplating nutritional changes should seek the counsel of a qualified health professional.

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