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Which is part of the reason why I didn't know her relationship status, nor she mine.

We've been in touch periodically over the past few years, but not regularly.

Once you like to date what youre not ready to meet instantly or the very least there you go! Whilst it may take the first tips on how to choose from.

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So, if you send her an "ice-breaker" message and she shoots you down, what's the harm?

You'll be pretty much in the same place with her as you were before.

This has happened to me (at least) five times, and there's not really a pattern, in that my prior relationships with each woman were often very different. She's someone I met in a graduate school class a few years ago, and I do indeed find her attractive.

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So, I'd say a somewhat humorous ice breaker might be a good idea.... We were making small talk on OKC and she used almost that exact line. Had I had any interest in her, that statement would have been a great jumping off point for me to make some other comment like 'Yeah, maybe we should grab a drink and see if it's right' or '[keeping in mind that we converse quite often on facebook]I didn't think we were that much alike, but clearly OKC thinks we should be dating! If she had zero interest in me, she wouldn't have mentioned our match percentage, but it was just that one thing that one time and it'll never impact our friendship.

That is, if you see someone you know, that you might actually like, go ahead and send them a message, even if it's 'small talk' that you might be able to steer into a 'OKC says we're a 97% match'... I just ignored it and kept on with the rest of the conversation. TLDR, if you're interested in a friend that you bump into, I don't see anything wrong with mentioning your match percentage.

When we later met at our HS reunion, we just hung out like regular friends, but from my end, I could tell she was sort of feeling me out (this conversation had very recently taken place) but in that 'what are your hobbies? It's perfect because they can ignore it or talk about it too.

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