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Pokemon Sun and Moon travels to the tropical islands of Alola with all new Pokemon, interesting people, and of course: unforgettable adventures.Catch them all, train them to be the best, and become the Pokemon Master, available for the 3DS.PHYSICAL (fist) Increases affection for: Zero Kiryuu INTELLECT (spectacles) Increases affection for: Kaname Kuran CHARM: (hand-mirror) Increases affection for: Senri Shiki KNOWLEDGE (book) Increases affection for: Takuma Ichijou WORK (flower insignia) Increases affection for: Akatsuki Kain EXPERIENCE (gold, boxy thing) Increases affection for: Hanabusa Aidou ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GAMEPLAY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //Maps// [gama] Moving around the map is fairly simple - use the arrows to switch locations. Campus map ----------- 1 | 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 | | | | | 8 9 - 10- 11 12 \ | | | | 13 14- 15- 16 | | | 17 -- 18 19 | | | 20 21 22- 23 24 | | | 25 - 26 - 27- 28- 29 1 : Ballroom 2 : Toga Yagari's office 10: Courtyard 16: Lakeside 21: School gate 24: Stables Chapter 1 Character Locations Kaname Kuran: 15 Zero Kiryuu: 13 Hanabusa Aidou: 16 Akatsuki Kain: 28 Takuma Ichijou: 26 Senri Shiki: 1 Chapter 2 Character Locations Kaname Kuran: 27 Hanabusa Aidou: 16 Akatsuki Kain: 5 Takuma Ichijou: 20 Senri Shiki: 1 Chapter 3 Character Locations Kaname Kuran: 18 Zero Kiryuu: 16 Hanabusa Aidou: 5 Akatsuki Kain: 27 Takuma Ichijou: 13 Senri Shiki: 4 Chapter 4 Character Locations Kaname Kuran: 25 Zero Kiryuu: 13 Hanabusa Aidou: 10 Akatsuki Kain: 6 Takuma Ichijou: 29 Senri Shiki: 21 Chapter 6 Character Locations Kaname Kuran: 28 Zero Kiryuu: 29 Hanabusa Aidou: 16 Akatsuki Kain: 13 Takuma Ichijou: 18 Senri Shiki: 5 Toga Yagari : 2 Island map (Chapter 5) --------- Too complex to actually map out, so I've just provide basic directions: Kaname Kuran: Down, Right, Right, Up Zero Kiryuu: Down, Left, Left Hanabusa Aidou: Down, Left, Up, Up, Right Akatsuki Kain: Down, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Left Takuma Ichijou: Right, Right Senri Shiki: Down, Right, Up Toga Yagari: Down, Right, Right, Up, Up, Left //Shopping// [shpg] Necessary if you want to gain fast affection boosts with the guy you're going for. (16) --- 2nd option: インタビユー現場 Choose to chat with Aidou. --- 2nd option: あえて外へ出る --- Choose to attend the party with Aidou. Battle sexually with diverse characters in a world of humans and creatures. **Replication of this walkthrough and its contents, wholly or in parts, is NOT ALLOWED without my permission. Spoilers here and there (though I did try to cut down), so consider yourself warned.

Upon starting a new game, you'll be asked to provide your full name (the default one is Yuki Cross) And with that, you'll be thrust straight into Chapter 1!

They each have - A romantic ending - A good friend ending - A bad ending (low affection) ... high affection for both Aidou and Kain simultaneously results in them fighting over the protagonist in the ending) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MINI-GAMES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //Fortune-telling 相性占い// [fttl] By choosing the "Fortune" during your day class, you'll get some info on the chemistry levels between you and your selected guy.

You might also get some tips on his favourite clothes, lucky items, etc. (63) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HANABUSA AIDOU 藍堂 英~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [hnbs] Seiyuu: Fukuyama Jun 福山 潤 (Watanuki in xxx Holic, Lelouch in Code Geass, Shimizu in Corda, Kazuki in Busou Renkin) Info: Aidou has a deep admiration for Kaname Kuran, though his stubborn personality sometimes makes him overstep his boundaries.

Toro Toro Resistance presents a massive fantasy RPG adventure game! All the creatures are sexy girls of some species or another!

The story of being reverse-molested by sexy inhuman vixens!