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To keep PHP from hanging due to the above, I discovered this: When I send the request packet, I get a response packet of length 5. [EDIT BY danbrown AT php DOT net: Contains a bugfix provided by "Wrinkled Cheese" on 24-JUN-2011 to fix the $getdata foreach() loop; another bugfix provided by Suat Secmen on 12-JAN-2012 to fix a $timeout = 1000, then stream_set_timeout($fp, 0, $timeout * 1000), equaling 1,000 seconds.] For some reason the default Free BSD 7.0 port (jailed environment) breaks fsockopen() on SSL URLs, returning a constant stream of nothing! The following function performs pop3 authentication. Returns NULL on error, or true/false to indicate username/password matching:$address is the hostname of the server and $ssl is a boolean that indicates whether an SSL connection is requested.

Then I call socket_get_status() and use the unread_bytes key from it to know how far to fread from the socket. In my case this resulted in php-cgi bringing down lighttpd completely, in rapid time! When downloading large files, it is not really efficient to put the whole server answer in memory before parsing the data to remove the header parts.

This example uses a $_GET variable to specify which zip code, but you can get it from any source you wish.

This will return actual and acceptable zip code cities (according to USPS), but can be easily modified to include just the actual city.

Here is a simple way to do it while writing the data as it arrive: I was having trouble doing an https in fopen and with fsockopen where the address had ssl://. After much research i found that there was some ssl conflict trouble with My SQL 5.0.20-5.0.33.

It had some functions that were interfering with openssl that showed up in the php install. id=19289 on my Free BSD vm, with Joomla, I was getting the error fsockopen(): unable to connect to ssl://localhost:443 (Unknown error)when using a contact form and also the module updating process.

The error will only become apparent when you read or write data to/from the socket.

EDITORS NOTE: HTTP/1.1 uses persistent connection causing this delay.

Use "Connection: close" header to disable it./************************************************************ * Author: Richard Lajaunie * Mail : [email protected] * * subject : this script retreive all mac-addresses on all ports * of a Cisco 3548 Switch by a telnet connection * * base on the script by: xbensemhoun at t-systems dot fr **************************************************************/ I was tearing my hair out for a week trying to figure out how to do this.

Returns -1 in the event that something really wierd happens like a non-standard http response or something. Cheers, Ben Blazely login to the site prior to downloading page: In some wierd situations site security is based on ASPSESSION ID and where could be a login asp script in one place, and the actual page with information in another place.

for such cases you have to submit ( POST ) you login and password first, when grab ASP session (and also some cookies from response, and when use that ASP SESSION in second request to the actual page: (i took some parts of codes from other ppl) Just a note to everyone who is using fsockopen and fread / fgets for a HTTP connection.