Validating assessment tools

This focus will direct us to the quantitative facets underlying cybersecurity vulnerabilities and drive our discussion of impact, risk, and triage.

Each topic discussed will focus on identifying, observing, inciting, or assessing the entry points that threats leverage during network attacks.

Other business includes: Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Remuneration Strategy and Pay, Talent Management, Professional Business Writing Skills, Presentation Skills, Critical Thinking, Negotiation Skills, Customer Care, , Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management.

• Realize the depth, breadth, and integrated scope of D&I practices; • Assess the current state of D&I; • Determine strategy, and; • Measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusion.

Scale and architecture are major challenges to an enterprise.

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You will learn on a full-scale enterprise range chock full of target machines representative of an enterprise environment, leveraging production-ready tools, and a proven testing methodology .

We will explore proven methods to ensure the integrity of our dataset as we identify IP addresses, operating systems, platforms, and services.

The day culminates with an introduction to the Power Shell scripting language focusing on large-scale system management, vulnerability discovery, and mitigation.

Later in the day, we will apply our understanding of the vulnerability concept to evolve our Power Shell skills and take action on an enterprise scale.

This portion of the course is dedicated to learning by application and translates easily to frontline operations.