Updating server 2016 core

In addition we’re shipping some new APIs to support surfacing external sources in Delve (as demonstrated at \build) and have a number of partners in our search TAP program that are actively building connectors using some of our new search experiences and endpoints.: What would be story for Share Point Add-ins and Provider hosted apps for Share Point 2016?For those that need the top raw CPU performance available especially for single-threaded workloads, short of overclocking, this is the way to go.: You said in your “big” session that FIM will not be shipped with SP2016 and that Active Directory Import will be able to sync two ways.That’s a 3.7-4.0 GHz Xeon, with 4 cores, 8 MB of cache, with an 80-Watt Thermal Design Power (TDP).That’s certainly an excellent choice for a lot of workloads that workstations are tasked with, and with support for ECC memory, reliability under load is also a key factor.

Comparing the two Xeons to the Core i7, HP can offer a bit more performance with the trade-off of no ECC support, and in the case of the peak Xeon, save some money as well.

What about custom BCS Scenarios, if you have additional user Information (e.g.

from SAP) to enrich user profiles – how would I go about that in this new cloudy world?

Do we have x Next which would be similar as app script parts pattern (more responsive), rather than iframe based app parts?

On the development side, we’ll continue to support FTC, invest more in hybrid apps via CAM, in addition to bringing much of the cloud experience to on-premises to draw parity between developing for the service and on-premises.