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Check out this tweet from Microsoft corporate vice president Chris Pratley: We’ll have to wait for the shipping version to see exactly what’s in store.

However, check out the following video for an overview of what Microsoft ultimately hopes to bring to Windows 10 users.

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Rather, it could come as a Photos app update in the Windows Store soon after Fall Creators Update is pushed to Windows 10 PC.

It’s also voluntary — users can elect to turn the feature on or keep things the way they’ve been.

Finally, Microsoft has made a number of behind-the-scenes improvements that will roll out in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Microsoft is also bringing some new security and privacy functionality in Fall Creators Update.

The net result will be more visually exciting apps that are optimized for a given device.

Microsoft has used Fluent Design to spice up a few of its own first-party apps and the Windows 10 user interface (UI) in general, so it’s actively in the process of rolling out Fluent Design out in Windows Insider preview updates.