Updating my ps3

This is patch 1.26 and its failing at 14on the 256MB could you be so kind and reload your files on the server. Isnt it ironic that everyone has a failure at 14% during installation. RELOAD THE FILES ON THE SERVER, is that too much to ask for ?????????????? Had no problems on my previous system, upgraded but now I cant seem to update GTA.

It consistently gets to and downloads update 9/21 before failing during install, its a 94 MB update at around 9% total.

I currently have a PS membership and 160 gb is simply not enough for everything they offer.

I tried downloading the ps3 update 4.31 and placing it on a flash drive and was going to have it in my ps3 when I put the new hard drive in.

I was hoping it was only doing this because of all the updates at once but after the 4th time I'm not sure what to think » @Brian B: First, please delete all installation data for GTA V if you continue to have issues after this attempt.

From there, can you please try the "Restore File System" option, and then attempt to reinstall the game again?

Plug your controller into its charging cord as well. After you do what it says, it will format your new HDD and intall your new update from your external HDD. After you are back into the XMB go back to the backup option and select backup and do restore.3.) Once off, with the red light on again, press and hold the power button.You will hear one beep, another single beep after that, and then two beeps in a row.i have the blu-ray disc version of gta 5 and when i play it, it says ''a new version of the game is available 1.09''i try to update it and first it shows 74mb and it download and installs fine then it shows 43mb that also download and installs fine but after it reach 46mb it downloads fine but when installing it stops at  and says ''an error occurred during installation error code 80029564.i need to know how to fix that because i cant play online unless i do that update....reply asap rockstar..i have a ps3 500gb system super slim First, please delete all installation data for GTA V if you continue to have issues after this attempt.After that, put your PS3 into recovery mode: 1.) Turn off PS3 so the red light is on. The console will turn on, and eventually turn off again.