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Our Torah offers important advice about personal restraint, only to be contradicted by Kohelet’s admonition to “follow the desires of your heart.” Given our over-heated political climate, which way do we go? Glen Millstein, CUNY Professor of Clinical Psychology, to explore a Jewish perspective on impulse and passion – where they can lead us astray and how they can make things right.LABA Fellow Laura Beatrix Newmark joins forces with Naomi Less and Dalia Davis of Uprooted to present a performance piece and discussion about paths to m OTHERhood and the challenges therein.(This program is a creative collaboration between LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture and Uprooted: A Jewish Response to Fertility Journey and features original stories, personal and Jewish narratives and music)This workshop will involve creating an identity quilt square to add to our communal quilt that will be displayed at our culminating event. While some of these questions can be answered through biological inheritance/tracking, for some, particularly those with broken biological links, a figure of influence can be found through a social connection.A new musical adventure that explores Sephardic, Spanish and Israeli sounds, bringing them together to create a personal, innovative mesh.Wtih Nadav Lev, guitar, Rene Hart, double bass, Satoshi Takeishi, percussion, Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer, vocal, Frank London, trumpet.