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I spent a bit of time looking over the brackets code and I'm excited to see the solution to this [email protected] Please file a new issue, since that does not sound related to this one.The source code I used to find out the problem was simply an html file with an No problems with over here with fonts, google or face.In relation to the iframe problem, I did find that if you switch back and forth between the css file and another file it does reload the changes you made to the css file. search Text is the search text from the search bar. lots of html here from the i Frame link that describes my dashboard" "query:(query_string:(analyze_wildcard:! search Text : "*") "')),title:'MY Dashboard')"; current Filters are the filters that got built from clicking on the checkboxes.This part of the Iframes Tutorial provides information on loading new documents into iframes using either Java Script or link target attributes. Java Script isn't necessary when you want clicking on a link to change the Nonetheless, there may be situations where you will want to use Java Script to change the URL in an iframe.There are three ways to load a new document into an iframe using Java Script.

I have tested this on chrome, firefox and safari, dashboards do not react to updated iframe src.If you're able to boil down your code to a simple test case where HTML updating still does not work, please provide the code -- that's the fastest way we'd be able to investigate the problem. While this isn't the best approach to cross-domain Iframe resizing, it is definitely useful for same-domain Iframes.An example demonstrates the concepts presented here.See also how you can use query string data to specify which document to load in an iframe.