Updating flash line pod are vanessa and zac still dating

is now showing the correct version from the front page. I will leave this page up for people who would like to do it manually.

Also there is good information on calibrating your pedal and diagnostic mode of X3 below.

updating flash line pod-43

The new version of Monkey is not currently seeing the new firmware so updating requires a bit of manual intervention. Reinstalled Monkey, and when I started the update, it took less then 10 seconds to complete and the Pocket POD came back to life with the flash 1.01 version.So the update works but it doesn't feel lika a safe procedure. I have of course registered my Pocket POD on line but what if the software in the PP needs updating ? Hi, Yes, Pocket POD will not connect to Monkey as of this moment.Any future updates to the Pocket POD will provide update instructions at that time, whether that is via a Monkey update or any other method, but there are none available at this point. Thanks Line6Sach Unfortunately it's apparent that Line6 monkey v1.31 still does not detect a Pocket POD as Line6sach clarified above (and it still does not feature on the drop-down list) I can assure you that all my usb drivers and ports are fine and windows XP detect the Pocket POD just fine as a USB Audio composite device.

Updating flash line pod