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Final Emoji List: March 27, 2017 Release: May 18, 2017 Unique Images: 69 (plus skin tones) Emoji 5.0 also supports a range of subdivision codes for emoji flag display.

Unicode lists England, Scotland and Wales in this release as Recommended for General Interchange.

Run below command [mysqld] datadir=/var/lib/mysql socket=/var/lib/mysql/user=mysql # Disabling symbolic-links is recommended to prevent assorted security risks symbolic-links=0 [mysqld_safe] log-error=/var/log/pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/), that it is the actual one that mysql is using when it runs, and that it has the correct configuration for the installation you created.

I'll be going off the comments to pull your names, so please be sure to do that to be entered. Many of the emojis in this release rely on characters which are part of Unicode 10.0.Some vendors now support this update, with the majority expected to have support by the end of 2017. Most vendors are expected to support 69 unique images, with 24 of these supporting five additional skin tone variants.10 of the new emojis have a base (non-gendered) emoji which may or may not display with a gender-inclusive appearance.